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About us
Ds Floraculture has been established, August 2007, by the founders Siraya and Dick Alderden.

Target was, to find the world-market, for high quality plant products, having the Dutch standard quality, only.
In close corporation with Greenex A/S, Ds Floraculture succeed to develop itselves to be the reliable supplier of several species.
Nowadays, the world is changing, the market for plants, as well.
Productions will be replaced from original European nurseries, to productions in ‘cheaper’ area.
Ds Floraculture is able to offer those productions, to deliver half finished, or even full finished plant-products, world wide.
Rather a lot of species, can be shipped by sea container, which can be sold, direct after arrival.
Ds Floraculture , has the experience and expertise, to supply finished plants, under contract, for the short and the long term.
To make shorter the chain, Ds Floraculture is able to produce (large scale) productions, meant for the retail, direct.
On this way, less members in the chain, make the products cheaper and more easy to produce on demand of the customer.
Ds Floraculture is open to discuss with retailers, to make true this vision!

DS Floraculture CO.,LTD.
65/13 Moo.2 Thatalard Sampran Nakornpathom 73110
Tel: +66 34 31 2221, +668 9787 2973, +668 9787 3592 E-mail:,
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